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EU Digital VAT and other countries outside the EU

a) Whilst I find the ability to mark sales codes as a digital service (for the purpose of VATMOSS), this has much wider implications than the EU. I deal with a range of B2B and B2C digital services, from countries which have their own versions of the EU digital VAT rules including South Africa (where there is a lifetime threshold!), Russia, New Zealand and Australia as well the EU. I have created separate sales orders for the different types of digital service customer; but there should be some thought as to how to better represent and report the transactions between customers from the numerous countries implementing digital service taxation; as well as how to differentiate between B2B and B2C (where it applies to a given tax regime!)

b) I was surprised that whilst a country can be chosen for a customer. There is no choice to enter a country for a supplier (nor their VAT number) - which can be essential for matching VAT inputs on expenses related to digital services. It would also assist if the country could be entered, causing a change in layout to the address, and/or changing the bank details from sort code and account number to SWIFT code and IBAN.


  • Rich Mellor
  • Nov 26 2017
  • Released
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