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Selection of PDF themes for quotes and invoices


Within the Themes we can create Quotes and Invoices and we have different invoices for different customers (based on payment terms)

Whilst we can set a default – say “Quote” when we come to raise and invoice for a customer we have to go into their account; Options and choose the theme/correct invoice for that account under PDF theme.

We then raise the invoice – All OK. But when we come to raise another job card for them we have go to into the account again and select the theme for a quote

Can this be simplified as a drop down menu, created for when you are raising quote and invoices?

Or can it be an easier switch system? Say have a default theme for quotes and a default theme for invoices within the options

I’m sure this is common problem since a quote & invoice layout will be different for every company who use Kashflow!!!

  • Andrew Mills
  • Mar 21 2017
  • Acknowledged
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