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PDF Invoice Theme and support for a Customs acceptable Commercial Invoice

With leaving the EU, Customs clearance invoices (Commercial Invoices) will become more prevalent if exporting. Currently Kashflow cannot produce Commercial Invoices. The additional information required is not part of a standard data set, and always has to be added by hand (AWB, weight, dimensions, # of parcels, commercial value etc). Further a signature is required, then 5 copies have to be printed for shipment.

We would like to have a pdf theme where we could specify for export Customers that is basically as per the existing invoice themes but Titled "Commercial Invoice" with a special "add comment" capability that we can prepopulate with appropriate line titles. Eg

Airways Bill Number: (then blank for us to type in)

Weight (kgs): (then blank for us to type in)

We would tailor these fields in the theme to suit our company, so whenever the invoice is called up these comment fields are present and ready to accept typing.

Additionally, we need to be able to add a digital signature, to avoid constant signing of the number of copies needed.

Currently we are typing in everything needed using the Add comment field, then saving the invoice as a pdf (sending it by email to oursleves as we can't save it as a pdf directly), then using a 3rd party pdf editor to edit the invoice, and a third party digital signature creator to then add to the pdf.

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  • Jun 1 2020
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