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Creating a Commercial invoice and Packing Slip

Post Brexit, for our customers in the EU, we have to raise an invoice in Kashflow, but then as there are no facilities to enter the essential additional details onto the system, we have to download the invoices and add the required info for each item sold:

HS Tariff Codes

Country of origin

Nett Weight

Gross Weight

Calculate the total Net and Gross Weight for the shipment

EORI number for sender and recipient

Incoterms for the shipment

Within an ideal invoicing system, these fields should be available when adding products, and at customer level the user should be able to flag if that specific customer "uses" those fields or not.

the invoices and packing slips for customers flagged as "Y" should display the additional fields of information, and those flagges as "N" should not.

  • Jo Triner
  • Jan 7 2021
  • Acknowledged
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