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Integration with CMS for clinics

I would like to offer a suggestion...

I am a complementary therapist and along with KashFlow I started to use a very specific Client Management System... one at my own practice and the other where I work with my colleague. They are both great for us and they even send invoices after sessions. I was wondering if you would consider integrating them (or something similar) with KashFlow.
The CMS we use is and

Neither of them takes payment on booking. However, there is another one ( which integrates with Stripe, but it's not as simple to use as the other two. Well, just an idea.

Do keep up your good work.

Kind regards,
Simi Kozelj
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  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Jan 10, 2017

    Admin response

    Hi Simi, Thank you for getting in touch. We do not tend to develop integrations with individual applications ourselves, it is usually the case than an application will request our API and develop an integration with KashFlow for the benefit of its clients. If your CMS system would like to integrate with KashFlow we are open to providing all the necessary resources, however we cannot provide an integration from our end at this time. Thanks
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