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Dropbox integration doesn't work for multiple Kashflow accounts

If you buy a Kashflow account for more than one business, Dropbox integration doesn't work. The only workaround is to have two Dropbox accounts, which is inconvenient and not supported by Dropbox unless you sign up for a Business Account.

Kashflow puts your receipts into this folder:


Receipt number 1 for Business A is a different transaction to receipt number 1 for Business B, but they are in the same folder and get muddled in Kashflow

Kashflow should separate the receipts from the two businesses into two separate folders:

E.g. ../Dropbox/Apps/Kashflow/Business A/Receipts/
And ../Dropbox/Apps/Kashflow/Business B/Receipts/
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  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Jul 3, 2018

    Admin response

    Hi Benjamin, Thanks for your feedback. The current dropbox integration is built in such a way that it will only integrate with a single dropbox account. This was done after consulting many of our SME and accountancy partners and it was found in testing that when integrating one KashFlow account with multiple dropbox accounts led to huge problems for our users, mainly with human error and confusion. We are not currently looking to change this feature as we find that it works best across our user base. However, if there are a number of votes for the feature we can certainly look at making a change based on the feedback.
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  • Lindsay Smith commented
    23 May, 2023 10:47am

    We have the same problem - two Kashflow accounts that are linked. And I quickly realised that (a) attachments were being filed together in the same Dropbox and (b) the 2GB free space on Dropbox won't be enough for a financial year.

    I have now set up two Dropbox accounts (using the admin email address for each business) and linked one to each Kashflow account. So our Kashflow attachments are now separate. But Benjamin's proposal is better because I can only access these dropbox accounts in a web portal (logging in / out to the relevant account); the Dropbox desktop app automatically logs in and doesn't have an option to switch user.

    Even better would be to support other cloud storage. And I've voted for these too (search Canvass for "OneDrive" and you get a whole bunch of requests). Like most Kashflow users, I already have plenty of cloud storage for both businesses. I won't be paying to upgrade Dropbox if the storage runs out, as it doubtless will, so I'll have to empty the Drobox files after each year end.

    It's not that I object to paying for cloud storage, just that I already have large amounts already paid for on Tresorit and OneDrive, plus more than enough free space in iCloud and GoogleDrive.

  • Guest commented
    3 Jul, 2018 10:36am

    You've got his request (and mine) backwards here - we have N KashFlow accounts and 1 Dropbox account. Couldn't KF just (optionally) add the company name to the path it saves under in Dropbox?

  • Guest commented
    10 Jan, 2017 09:21am

    Sorry, that wasn't supposed to be anonymous. My name is Benjamin and I eagerly await a fix. Many thanks.

  • Guest commented
    10 Jan, 2017 09:21am

    Hi, Sir or Madam,

    Thank you for the response. I'm afraid you have misunderstood my request. I am not suggesting support for multiple Dropboxes. Actually I'm suggesting the opposite - Kashflow should support just one Dropbox.

    I currently have two Kashflow accounts and one Dropbox, but Kashflow doesn't work because it muddles up one Kashflow account's receipts with the other Kashflow account's receipts. Your Support Team suggested that I use multiple Dropbox accounts to get around the problem but, as you advise above, multiple Dropboxes are a bad idea.

    So, to reiterate - I'm not asking for support for multiple Dropboxes. I hope that's clearer now.

    Thanks and regards

  • Guest commented
    10 Jan, 2017 09:21am

    Is anybody going to come back to me on this since my clarification?

  • Guest commented
    10 Jan, 2017 09:21am

    Hi Ben,

    We advise that multiple dropbox integrations with a single KashFlow account are a bad idea, but certainly if you have two KashFlow accounts there is no reason not to have two dropbox accounts. Both would stand alone as separate integrations and I would re-iterate the advice of our support team to take this action.



  • Guest commented
    10 Jan, 2017 09:21am

    We've also got the same problem - two business accounts in KashFlow which are linked, but we only have a single (business) dropbox account (one business is effectively a subsidiary of the other but is in a separate jurisdiction so keeps separate accounts) - this is a massive headache as it means we can only manage file attachments for ONE business, but not the other, via DropBox - surely it wouldn't be a big change to add a sub-folder for the account name?

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