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Minimum three decimal needed on Rate/Unit Price Merged

I have just signed in to see if Kashflow can work for us. I accept that you can't find all features and specifications in one software but one of the small detail can sometimes take you to somewhere else. We are doing promotional products and the prices are counted in 3 or 4 decimal. We have sold 35K magnets at £0.124 each, the price must be £4340 but KashFlow is rounding it to £0.12 which is resulting the total price to £4200.

I have just remembered that I had tried KashFlow 3 years ago, and that was one of the reason why I didn't sign an account in that time. I see no any development from this side but when you look at the other competitors such as Xero, Freshbooks, Zoho, Wave etc they all allow too many decimal places.

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  • Jan 10 2017
  • Jan 10, 2017

    Admin response

    Hi Erdal, This is something that we are currently looking at in our roadmap. We have had a number of requests to add additional decimal places into KashFlow and are aware of the need for such functionality. Adding this into each area of the app is a very big job and involves alot of development work, but we are definitely looking at implementing this.
  • Paul Jansen commented
    13 Oct, 2019 07:47pm

    I just recommended Kashflow and helped set up a trial only to discover that it is not possible to enter prices for invoicing to 3 decimal places.  The products sold are priced individually at typically £0.195  even though sold in minimum quantities of 100.

    Sadly this is a customer lost to KashFlow

  • Guest commented
    10 Jan, 2017 09:18am

    This is also seen when trying to create a product with price (incl.VAT) of 100 EUR and the VAT rate is 24%. The price without VAT should be 80.64516129 so that the price with VAT would be calculated correctly in the invoice. Right now it rounds the amount in some step and the line item result is 100.01 EUR. We need to each time manually change the price before sending the invoice.

  • Guest commented
    10 Jan, 2017 09:18am

    I also need to see this feature we deal with high volume low value items that have a unit price in three decimal places.

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