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I have numerous orders which use fractions of a penny. There is no facility for this on Kashflow please can you incorporate this as this is causing Over paid or part paid notices

Wolseley Center where I purchase majority of goods in my industry use this system.

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  • Sep 5 2017
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    24 Feb, 2018 09:11pm

    I too have many invoices with prices in fractions of a penny. To be specific I buy electronic components. Recent invoices have included:

    3 off battery @ £0.783 ea

    10 off Resistor @ £0.0088 ea

    50 off capacitor @ £0.758 ea

    In all these cases, if I were to enter the quantity and price to the nearest penny  into Kashflow I would get the wrong result which would play havoc with both my accounts and my bank reconcilliation.

    The only way I can enter these items and get the accounts to balance is to enter:

    Quantity: 1 Battery (3 off) @ £2.35

    Quantity: 1 Resistor (10 off) @ £0.09

    Quantity: 1 Capacitor (50 off) @ £37.90

    requiring the use of a calculator in many cases - defeating the whole object of accounting software which is supposed to do all the calculating for you