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Expense Manager for Car Mileage & Other Expenses

How about a way of managing other expenses such as car milage (setting pence/per mile and logging journeys) and other expenses such as use of home for business.

Then all the relevant costs for the tax return are in one place.
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  • Jan 10 2017
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    21 Feb, 2018 10:11am

    I've started using Tripcatcher and love how it integrates with receipt-bank and KF. So largely my needs have been met! Other expenses get handled like any other cost and Receipt-Bank has an expenses function that adds them all to a single expenses report (by staff member if you have staff). So all good. The only type of expense I have to manually add is use of home but I imagine everyone has a different way of calculating that and I am ok with adding that. 

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    10 Jan, 2017 09:11am


    Tripcatcher only does trips - not expenses and receipts. So is pretty lacking in functionality.

    Why can't you create some new functionality for KashFlow to handle all this rather then farming it out to other paid for services?

    It would be way more useful to have it all within the KashFlow dashboard, rather than having to use a bunch of 3rd party apps.

    The expense tracker could be part of KashFlow Payroll to incentivise people to move to the higher priced plan as it is surely worth the extra, and will then allow easy integration with paying expenses to employees. Some kind of app for receipt management which auto uploads to KashFlow/Dropbox or whatever would also be useful as part of this.

    And deeper integration of KashFlow Payroll itself within the KashFlow dashboard with single sign-on would also make this whole process easier.

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    10 Jan, 2017 09:11am


    If you are looking for receipts or expenses to be uploaded into KashFlow we have a great integration with Receipt Bank. Tripcatcher was referenced in this case as Russell originally set out a desire for tracking mileage etc.

    Building functionality such as this into KashFlow is not possible in the same time frame as it takes to integrate with some fantastic apps that are already out there. We are not wishing to ship out the tasks to others, simply not duplicating work that has already been completed elsewhere and to a great standard.

    KashFlow Payroll will always remain separate from KashFlow as unlike our competitors we have many bureaus and accountants using the product outside KashFlow who wish to keep it separate from the accounting system.



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