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Option to input mileage at different frequencies

One of the clear Unique Selling Points (USPs) for Cloud Accounting is that it reduces the amount of time to complete the task if otherwise completed manually.  It seems this has been achieved on the Accountants side of your platform but is seriously lacking in the Bookkeeping side.  This is the side where, I imagine most small business owners, like myself, try to cut costs and do the work themselves.

Why is it then that the mileage feature introduced a few months ago requires line by line entry of all of your business mileage?

What is the point in having to transfer data manually from another platform that captured it automatically?


It is very easy to rack up the miles as a contractor or site worker and it is not uncommon to clock up 20k-30k a year on the road.  Even if all these were single stop journeys it would still be a lot of entries.  Start to add multiple stops and you can see how quickly the admin can pile up on a single entry system.


Why can't we have a system that can allow uploads of .csv data or even better the option to log mileage weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually?  Instead of entering line by line we could enter a single line for the whole period.  The accounting figures are exactly the same only the audit trail will need support from other records if the HMRC request an audit.  This would give the user more flexibility to work on other things, up to 5 hours a week in my case.


If you could also fix the export function so that it will return more appropriate results to the accounting period.  A dashboard would be useful to see at a glance monthly and annual totals instead of having to rely on the export function.


It would be great to see some improvements quickly.  After 3 years getting to know the system it would be undesirable to switch to another system but I am seriously considering my options

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  • Jan 28 2020
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