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Date substitutions or CSV improvements

Unfortunately, the current automatic invoicing system is weak.

While I am proficient in generating monthly invoices, the lack of auto-population for date and information fields is proving to be inefficient. Additionally, I have encountered issues with the CSV file upload function, which does not appear to support multiple line items on a single invoice—a necessity for my billing process.

My objective is to streamline my invoicing by having a backend spreadsheet that auto-updates, allowing me to simply upload a CSV file with the correct data. or improvements in the "Date substitutions" allowing for invoice dates to generate according to my instructions, all the information needed is there. for example the date the invoice is created could be the constant that the invoice uses to generate dates on an invoice, allowing for weekly, two weekly, 4 weekly... invoices that generate the data fields automatically.

I also considered a creative solution by attempting to utilise your automated filling system, which ideally should fill in the invoice automatically when a sales code is selected. However, I've noticed that when the invoice is generated automatically, the sales code does not prompt the auto-fill feature to activate. this would allow me to change the date once for each invoicing cycle, rather than going through each invoice individually to copy and paste the same information in to hundreds of invoices...

  • Ben wright
  • Nov 20 2023
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