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Automatic update of due date on invoice when you update the issued date.

I rarely send an invoice on the day I start it as I do monthly batches.  Many of our customers have awkward payment terms - 65 days, 75 after month end etc.  When I send the invoices I update the issued date but have to then manually work out the due date which adds significant time to the overall task.

If the system can do this for you initially, why can't it do it subsequently?

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  • May 14 2018
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  • Rob Smith commented
    May 15, 2018 17:53

    I have asked this question earlier this year but nothing has been done about it - its a right royal PITA because 1 - like yourself I make up my invoices in batches but then the work related to a particular invoice can be delayed due to weather or other site problems etc outwith my control and therefore the invoice date must change, and at the minute you have to manually calculate the due date, 2 - it seems a fundamental thing that when you tell Kashflow what your payment terms are with a customer it would automatically change the due date for you when you change the invoice date and 3 - it seems a simple fix