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More options for date supstitution in repeated invoices

When creating new repeat invoice, you can use date supstitutions in the description field of the invoice lines, like %m for current month, %m+1 for next month, %m-1 for previous month.

Can you please increase the range, so you can add %m+2, %m+3 ... %m+11. Would be helpful to create quarterly and half year invoices etc.

So if the current month was January it would work something like this
%m = January
%m+1 = February
%m+2 = March
%m+3 = April
%m+4 = May
%m+5 = June
%m+6 = July
%m+7 = August
%m+8 = September
%m+9 = October
%m+10 = November
%m+11 = December

Thank you!
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  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Jan 10, 2017

    Admin response

    Hi Kris, Thanks for getting in touch. I will speak to our development team and discuss how we can implement this. The original feature request that was actioned when we introduced date substitutions required only a small number of shortcuts, hence the limited options. Many thanks
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