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Make Month a variable.

It would be very useful to include a Month variable place holder in the body of a recurring invoice description text.

Each month I have to update the month text of every invoice I send out manually :-(   

I am unable to use automatically reoccurring Monthly invoices for this reason! 

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  • Feb 19 2019
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    Julie Shepherd commented
    20 Feb 12:30

    Hi Wayne, thank you for your suggestion, I'm pleased to say that this functionality is already available in KashFlow.  When creating a new recurring invoice, or editing and existing one, there is an option named "Date Substitutions" just above "Add Line item" and "Add Comment".  Clicking in here will give the details of a number of variable placeholders that can be used in the description text.  Hope that is useful for you.

  • Guest commented
    20 Feb 12:37

    Hi Julie,

    This just what I needed.


  • Guest commented
    21 Feb 14:33

    Hi Julie,

    Could the option named "Date Substitutions" be added to the normal invoices?