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Date entry - show more than one month at a time, reducing need for drop down month change

When entering dates on invoices and purchases, particularly payment dates, it would be great if two or three months were visible at once (current, plus previous two months) without having to use the drop down box every time you have to enter a date that is from the previous month.

When entering payment dates, I am more often than not, having to enter dates that are from the previous month – i.e. this month, August, I was batch processing all my credit card receipts from customers, entering the payment dates from June and July. So every single time I add a payment to an invoice, I have to drop down the month box, and change it from August to June or July. It sounds trivial, but when doing this for 100’s of orders it’s quite a pain.

I've attached a rough image to give you an idea of what I mean.

(this also applies to lots of other date entry where entering "past" months is common - like adding purchase invoices after the event - when you do a bank rec and create all the PIs you missed in teh past two months.)

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  • Aug 26 2022
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