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Allow Date Substitutions to work on Order Ref field

When using repeat invoices, the ability to use date substitutions in the Order Ref field is something I would have expected to be able to do, given that Order Ref numbers usually need to be unique, but it currently does not work.

As an example, we use the convention '{company-code}/%y%m/{invoice#}' - eg. BM01/2211/01 to mean invoice 1 in 11/2022 for the customer with code 'BM01'.

I do not expect the BM or Invoice # to be automatically substituted, but I would expect the %y%m to be replaced with 2211 or 202211 (for Nov 2022), although the invoice number # within the month for the company would also be a useful substitution to add.

Also, %y%m+1 doesn't work properly at the end of the year (eg - in December 2022 this will be substituted with January 2022 (rather than January 2023).

  • Colin Smith
  • Nov 16 2022
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