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User Accounts - Better Control / Administration

Currently we have options to assign a few basic tasks on Kashflow, a Super Admin, Standard, Basic, Sales, Purchasing.

However in businesses some staff are dedicated to particular customers, where other staff shouldn't have the ability to see, edit or manipulate their sales - kind of like a Sales Rep for a Key Account. Therefore a user being targeted to specific customers, or only 'creating' invoices, not reviewing or seeing previous ones.

Also we have a developer that maintains the documents for the business, it would be useful if they could have a log in to update PDF themes etc without seeing any of the financial information held within.

Also there should be the ability to have more than one Super Admin - I use a separate user account to the master account, for the simple reason is I have a backup to get into the system if something goes wrong. Most Businesses have an Administrator account, and the Admin have there own user accounts with master admin rights.

  • Ben
  • Nov 24 2021
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