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Increase number of failed log-in attempts from ONE before locking account

Dear Kashflow

Why do you have such a low threshold for locking the account and requiring password reset? I got one digit wrong in the memorable word and it said, "We've detected a number of failed login attempts to your KashFlow account. As a result we have locked your account." There were not a number of failed log-ins! There was one. I haven now reset my password, but this happens to me and others in our team every few weeks/months and it is frustrating and feels unnecessary. Could you reconsider the need to lock someone out after one failed log-in attempt, perhaps? I think two failed attempts makes more sense, especially if it is only one digit of the memorable word, as it is easy to miscount or mis-select from the drop-down digits.

Kind regards

  • Nicky McGregor
  • Jul 16 2021
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