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Report to show sales 'totals' based on 'product code' (not just sales code) all in one spreadsheet!!!!

At present the total number of products sold in a time frame can only be shown one product at a time in the sales history. This is very time consuming analysis if you have many products. 

Alternatively you can view income by product but it doesn't show the total number of products sold (you have to add your own formula to add up the sales)

A total for the number of 'products' sold could easily be added to the 'income by product' spread sheet so that you can see the income based on the sale of 'X' number of that particular product.

In an ideal world the monthly sales report would simply show the sales based on the product code as well as the sales code! I have 50 products within some of my sales code and need to be able to see how many of each I have sold every month!

  • Nick Robinson
  • Jan 27 2020
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