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Extra Report/Search Result - Purchases/Sales Detailed Response

Would it be possible to add a extra report or a way to search purchase/sales history to produce a narrower result response to a single item.


Issue: The director wishes to audit a product we purchase - Product A - the only way to perform a search for it is by a lengthily process of downloading a CSV and sorting/editing it and search for the number of times Product A appears and add it up. This takes a lot of time to audit something.


Solution: Modify the "Expenditure by Sub Purchase Code" and "Income by Sales Code" to enhance the options and display result other than a pie chart (as with many products it becomes very crowded) or give an option to type in a specific purchase code or sales code for a detailed report on just that option.


The current options also only give results for entries with a quantity greater than 0, if an item hasn't been supplied there is no way to easily track the number of times a product is ordered/purchased and not supplied - useful for auditing and quality tracking.

  • Ben
  • Jan 15 2018
  • Acknowledged
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