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Allow accounts in the Chart of Accounts to be divided into Sub-Accounts

Referring to the Chart of Accounts, within each account a sub-accounts can be made. Currently, however, these sub-accounts are not made available to post transactions to. So for example, in Settings/Chart of Accounts you select an entry, say (42800 – Mortgage interest Paid), you are presented with a screen that allows you to create sub accounts to Mortgage interest Paid. This, I felt, would be useful to us as we have a large number of properties with mortgages and this would provide an efficient way to analyse costs for each property. However, once a sub-account has been created here it is not accessible from any other ledger to post transactions rendering this facility useless. Having this facility open to the rest of the system, I feel, would enable a more streamlined and useable chart of accounts and enable targeted P&L’s to be produced to provide a valuable resource for financial management. This is a feature currently available in Quickbooks.

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  • Dec 27 2019
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