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VAT detailed report to show what was actually submitted to HMRC for that particular VAT Return

It would be very useful if the VAT detailed Reports actually showed the figures that were submitted to HMRC for that particular VAT Return period. 

Since the last update it has become apparent that the total figures for the boxes on the VAT detailed report are what was submitted to HMRC but this is not always the Total Sum of the detailed breakdown shown on the report! (ie. if changes have been made to how a payment is allocated to invoices those invoices figures appear on the report but aren't included in the total!) 

  • Melanie Vaughan
  • Apr 18 2019
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  • Chris D commented
    24 Apr, 2019 03:38pm

    I would agree. The VAT Detailed Report should show all invoices/purchases/transactions/jounrals on which Output or Input VAT has been claimed - especially Capital and Reserves balances.