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Can we have a 'save and new' option on the expenses and bank transfers

When you raise a sales or purchase you can save and click straight on the create button on the same page to create a new one.  However, when making a transfer on the bank accounts page or creating an expense you save and then the box disappears so you have to go back up to the top menu and select the create new again.  If you could save and create a new transaction in one go it would be much quicker - if it could remember the date as well rather than defaulting to today that would be even better!

  • Abbie Wells
  • Aug 10 2018
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  • Julie Shepherd commented
    10 Aug, 2018 11:15am

    Hi Abbie, thank you for your suggestion, I think it's a great idea.  I will speak to our Development team to see if it can be implemented.