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Re: New Supplier / Customer views - Default transaction view to Purchases for Supplier, and Invoices for Customers Merged

Building on the other request for defaulting to transactions... the default view should I.m.h.o. be Purchases for Supplier tab and Invoices for Customer Tab.  This would reflect the previous user experience and you still have the option to change the settings to achieve all the needs of filtering and searching... but the default view on opening should replicate the historical view please. 

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  • May 11 2018
  • Released
  • Rob Smith commented
    15 May, 2018 05:44pm

    Agreed again - its tedious and seems to be an easy fix - you could even go one stage further and have an option to select your own default setting for each supplier / customer?

  • Guest commented
    15 May, 2018 04:22pm

    Agreed, defaulting to supplier/customer info is pointless, how often do you need that page? It just adds an extra click to every entry and breaks your concentration flow. 

  • Charles Hewitt commented
    14 May, 2018 09:52am

    I have just suggested a similar idea: list the transactions of a Customer or Supplier when arriving from the context of the Purchases or Invoices page.

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