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This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit KF-I-4930 Re: New Supplier / Customer views - Default transaction view to Purchases for Supplier, and Invoices for Customers.

Allow setting of default number of lines to view, and default sort orders in Invoices, Purchases, Projects. Merged

It's pretty useless just seeing the last 10 invoices or 10 purchases yet you cannot set a default, only change the dropdown each time you go in.

Also even though settings say sort by project name as being ticked, it doesn't do that.


How about allowing in Advanced Settings "Default number of transactions" maybe 10/50/100/1000/ALL.

Also implement saving the defaults on screens on a user by user basis so I can have customers defaulting to listing alphabetically, someone else can have in descending debt order, etc.?


These sort of things have been in Sage for years.





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  • Aug 8 2018
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