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Don't auto-import transactions when opening the import page

Currently, when you first enter the import transactions page (bank import), it automatically populates the from date according to the last dates it retrieved (irrespective of whether you completely imported the earlier transactions or not) and then automatically goes off to the bank to get the transactions from that date

Can you add an option to NOT do this? Automatically populating the dates is one thing, but sometimes you have to leave the import screen to check other data before resuming.  A good example of this is when switching between the import screen and the import rules screen to create rules for common recipient, plus, each time you leave the bank page and come back, it jumps forward in time and imports another date period after the period you didn't want.

Combine this with the fact that importing from Lloyds banks sometimes seems especially slow, it sometimes up to 2 minutes delay before you can change the dates and get the date range you actually want.

All in all a very frustrating experience, and a simple fix would be to add an option NOT to automatically import the transactions when opening the page.   It would also be very helpful if it could remember the date ranges that were previously there (and the state of the transactions) for when you're alternating between the transactions and rules tabs on the page.

  • Colin Smith
  • Jan 2 2018
  • Acknowledged
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