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Customer transactions date range

 I think the from/to dates on the customer transaction enquiries screen should not be static. Any new invoices posted do not show on the customer page unless you change the dates that the on screen view shows. This means changing the date range every new day. Why would anyone not want to see the latest data? Shouldn't that be the default? Why not put a 'today's date' option on the drop down and when this is selected the end date is always today's date, so the latest stuff shows when this option is chosen. I feel like it used to be like this before the redesign, which frankly made the transactions screen harder to understand, and I have 40 years of accounts experience.

  • CEO
  • Apr 4 2019
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    24 Apr, 2019 01:36pm

    I agree. The end date on a the enquires screens where transactions are shown whether it be customers or suppliers should automatically show as 'today's date'. There have been a few occasions where there has been duplication because the transaction has not shown purely because the end date is a random date sometime in the past. Makes no sense!