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Extra Column for Paid Date on Invoice/Purchases

When viewing the invoices or purchases screen overview you get to see the basics of entered details, but I feel and would find the option to see when something was paid, rather than just "Paid" a real bonus

Issue: when entering invoices/purchases that are not in order I am struggling to see if I have appended the payments to the right entry dates i.e Something bought January 1st shows on the Date column as that, and then the Due Date which is what is set under the supplier/customer screen.  However as we are now in February I have only just received the paperwork for this so I enter the details - but then have an issue where I cant check the payment date is correctly issued as January 1st or if it is appended as today's date (automatic date entry). The only way to rectify this is when going though bank batches and transactions but may take time to fix if manually entering data, or by entering every transaction entered and viewing it - This is OK for 1 or two items, but when you are working on several entries it becomes a major headache.


Solution: Give a option under the settings to change the way things are viewed, or give other options in the standard view:

1) Changing "Paid" text under status column to the date (final) payment made on a line

2) Changing the "Due Date" to the (final) payment date - even colour code it to Green for early/on-time or Red for late

3) Allow an extra column after the Due Date that reads "Date Paid" for the (final) payment date to be viewed.


This would also give the ability to see if something is paid late - i.e a customer always paying 10 days past due date

  • Ben
  • Feb 8 2018
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