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Bank indexing issue

The indexing issue is when the transaction imported from your bank into the bank in cashflow and they have transactions  on the same date ie 01/11/2017.

They can be in any random order not the same as the bank statement. Presume this is because the bank statements uses full date/time or they have an index field when the transaction is cleared which is hidden.  


What would be nice is if you could have a separate indexing field which sorts the transaction after date so you can make it the same as the statement.


Date                      Index    Code     Comment            In            Out         Balance



01/11/2017         1              Sale        test sale               90.00                     90.00

01/11/2017         2              Sale        test sale               190.00                   280.00

01/11/2017         3              Sale        test sale               90.00                     370.00

01/11/2017         4              Sale        test sale               90.00                     460.00


The index field would not have to be visible as you could just move them around by the mouse (drag and drop) like you do when creating an invoice. Without the index field the running total will be incorrect for transaction on a day as kashflow will put them in a random order.

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  • Nov 26 2017
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