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Hi, I've started to use GoCardless and the integration is great BUT when I use the bank feeds to import transactions, I have to keep ignoring the GoCardless payments in as they duplicate the transfers that automatically take place as part of the integration from the automatically generated "GoCardless" Account.
e.g. in GoCardless Account:
15/12/2015 Sale - ABCD01 £189.72 In
23/12/2015 Current Account GoCardless Withdrawal £187.82 Out
23/12/2015 GoCardless Fees GoCardless Fees £1.90 Out

So everything looks good, then the bank import feed shows £187.82 so I have to ignore it or it's duplicated.
As GoCardless is integrated into KashFlow is there not a more intelligent way of identifying these transactions rather than having to manually choosing to ignore them?
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  • Jan 10 2017
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