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On Invoice template - Company no. should go under VAT no. not as a footer

It would look better on the invoice if the Company no. could go near the VAT No. it would lok neater. Large companies do do accept invoices with a company no on invoice
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  • Jan 10 2017
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  • G B commented
    13 Oct, 2019 02:09pm

    Agreed, some basic things are missing from the invoices (mobile, website, etc..)

    Not a HTML programmer, but have managed to write instructions for making some of the most common complaints from clients.


    1]  How to get rid of that terrible light grey text on the Classic Invoice template (seriously Kashflow, why put barely readable grey on your invoices?)


    2]  Add text to top of invoice (like Mobile and Website).  It's a fudge, but it works.


    3]  Get rid of headers that clients do not wish to display, like Due Date and PO Number/invoice reference.

    Clients can't win with the Due Date.  If you set it to 0, then the feed matching does not work as it looks for dated between the invoice date and due date for matching.  If they do not give long credit, but set it to 30 days then they give the impression of credit terms.


    In case anyone is interested, I have attached them.