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Could changes be notified in advance and could the behaviour of the kashflow integration feature be properly documented please

I was irritated to get a message while doing payroll today that said  "We have added employer pension payments to the bookkeeping integration. However, to use this, you must resubmit your Company > Integration page before Finalising this pay date. This will confirm that you have the new nominal code 7008 in Kashflow bookkeeping. If the new nominal code does not exist in Kashflow bookkeeping, you will have to create it there and then update in this application. You may use an alternative nominal code, if you prefer."

The integration is not very advanced and I suspect many of your customers (myself included) use a manual journal to provide a slightly more sensible effect. Due to the absence of documentation on how the automatic journal works, users have to guess, or just try it and see what happens, then rework it. This is an unexpected waste of time, especially when the change does not appear to have been communicated or controlled.

Please sort it out.

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  • Feb 4 2018
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  • Dec 31, 2019

    Admin response

    Thanks for your suggestion.
    Our documentation is currently under review and I will ensure the integration is part of that. I will update you on progess.

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