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SMP - should automatically override salary

I have been using Kashflow for just over 12 months and have my first employee go off on Maternity leave recently. Having selected SMP, inputting the dates ect I assumed that the payroll system would do what was now required automatically - it doesn't. My employee has now been overpaid due to the system paying both basic salary and SMP. Surely filling in the SMP data should override the basic salary , I should not have to remove the employees salary from her details.

  • Jacqui Jones Browne
  • Jun 5 2020
  • Acknowledged
  • Aug 27, 2020

    Admin response

    Hi Jacqui

    Thank you for your suggestion.
    I can see this would be effective so will put this in our backlog to be reviewed and prioritised accordingly.
    We will update you in due course when this is implemented

    Kind regards


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