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Fix the broken purchase invoice, purchase code default to incorrect supplier mess on the new update

Yes, we completely understand your concern and we will update the developers to revoke the changes they made recently. Since it's a software release we need to wait until when this can be done as we wouldn't be able to specify a timeframe for this

Also, we request that you add this requirement as a suggestion to our KashFlow Canvass website where KashFlow clients can share ideas directly with our Product team.

Please advise if you require any further assistance apart from this or whether we shall go ahead and close this support ticket


The previous functionality worked well and correctly. That this hasn’t carried over to the new structure seems like a considerable oversight. I’ve been using your software for years and that a process that worked well previously had not been adopted into the new system is causing me (and others) considerable disruption and will take a lot longer to process invoices. The additional keystrokes and time to faff around clicking into the supplier screen and searching takes an age as does having to scroll through 50 sub categories to select the correct one for the supplier. It worked perfectly sensibly before it was changed. Now it makes no sense. Please request that the development team correct the oversight/error/mistake and I would appreciate you logging this as a user complaint and escalating accordingly.


Since the last upgrade on the software, when you create a new purchase invoice from the Dashboard page or from the Purchase invoices section, the purchase code defaults to the default supplier.

It means whenever you create a new purchase invoice, it will display this supplier and their purchase code which is maintenance & repairs. So when you change to another supplier on the purchase invoice, you also need to manually change the purchase code field as well to the new supplier's code. It will not auotmatically chnage when you create new invoices

However, if you create the new invoices from the respective supplier's page, it will automatically display the supplier's purchase code.

I hope this is helpful but should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • May 13 2024
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