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Rate should support more than 2 decimal places Merged

I record gas and electricity usage for my business using Kashflow, where the rates are specified as pence per kWh e.g. 32.778p/kWh

But Kashflow requires the rate to be specified in pounds and only supports 2 decimal places. So 37.778 can only be entered as 0.37, which is inaccurate.

As a result, I have to multple the rate by 1000 i.e. £377.78 and divide the number of units by 1000 (fortunately you support decimals on the quantity!) e.g. 0.995 instead of 995

But fundamentally I should not be having to do this with any decent accounting package so can you please address this soon

  • Marcus Cripps
  • May 4 2022