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stop allowing bank accounts to be deleted unless there have been no transactions

Currently, if a client ignores the warning about deleting a bank account, and goes ahead all transactions are then transferred to the default bank account (even if it has been reconciled). Not only that, the entries are one-sided because the nominal codes are not updated at the same time.

  • David Lushington
  • Mar 30 2020
  • Planned
  • Mar 30, 2020

    Admin response

    Hi David, Thanks for your feedback on this, you'll be pleased to hear this is on our roadmap already and we hope to release this enhancement as soon as possible. What we plan to do is only allow users to delete a bank account if there are no transactions, otherwise you will only be able to archive a bank account if transactions exists. We are keen to hear if this sounds like a good solution and welcome any feedback.

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