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Connection to more apps & better bank feeds

I have been a Kashflow partner for ten years now & for the first time, I am now having clients moving away from Kashflow to Xero, Freeagent, etc. In the last fortnight I've had 9% of my kashflow clients tell me they will not be renewing with Kashflow. The main reasons being that Kashflow does not connect with many apps that they use & that the other fact that the bank feeds is dreadful. One client says all the other platforms are moving forwards & yet, Kashflow hasn't progressed at all in the last three years, they've seen nothing invested in keeping up to date. They also mentioned that even though Kashflow is cheaper, they save more time having a system that connects seamlessly to their bank & other apps that they use. Another client can't connect Kashflow to it's website which generates sale invoices, there is no way to upload those sales invoices directly into Kashflow. All of these clients have used Kashflow for eight or nine years and therefore have seen how Kashflow progressed. Unfortunately, unless Kashflow keeps up with the competition, I can see more & more clients leaving. I have been a champion for Kashflow for a decade & now I'm finding it hard to convince new clients to use it. Kashflow needs to improve quickly or else it will fade away, The days of the Sage monopoly have long gone, the competition is fierce & if you don't keep up, you're out.

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  • Mar 6 2020
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