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Amend customer details via CSV (or API)


It is not possible to amend an existing Customer records via CSV.

Managing the accuracy of data is required by law, amending manually in KashFlow is slow and inefficient.

I have systems that check the company name, the registered address, checks contact details and validates and verifies VAT numbers, as it stands I have to download a copy of my customer records, process it, determine the differences, visit each customer page, amend update, rinse and repeat. This clearly doesn't happen very often, and I recognise this existing mechanism is more for migration to KashFlow than management of data already in it.



Providing a mechanism in which if a customer code already exists (maybe following a warning of some sort) that customer record should be updated. Risk of wholesale damage could be mitigated by only allowing x number of customer record updates at a time.


This has been raised before in 2017 and got a never gonna happen result.

  • David Evans
  • Feb 4 2020
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