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Average time it takes customers to pay invoices report

I would like to see how long our debtors are taking to pay us per individual customer

This used to be a feature on the old kashflow - you could look at a customer history of payments and kf gave you the average time it takes the customer to pay 

  • CLAIRE Laidlaw
  • Jul 12 2019
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  • Antony Straszewski commented
    17 Jul 15:41

    Would be good if report could run across al customersso you could see who the good and bad payers are. real issue for SMEs.

  • Admin
    Julie Shepherd commented
    14 Aug 08:59

    Hi, we do still have the Average Time to Pay in the Statistics section of the Customer Transactions page. If it isnt visible, you may need to click on the + sign to the right of the Statistics heading which will open up that section. Hope that helps.

  • Antony Straszewski commented
    14 Aug 13:59

    Many thanks
    My idea was for a report that could provide the information across multiple customers rather than having to go through each customer one at a time.
    That way I could stop doing work for those customers that take too long to pay.


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