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Average time it takes customers to pay invoices report

I would like to see how long our debtors are taking to pay us per individual customer

This used to be a feature on the old kashflow - you could look at a customer history of payments and kf gave you the average time it takes the customer to pay 

  • CLAIRE Laidlaw
  • Jul 12 2019
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  • CLAIRE Laidlaw commented
    20 Sep, 2019 10:14am

    That's great thank you, I hadn't realised but can see it now!


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  • Antony Straszewski commented
    14 Aug, 2019 01:59pm

    Many thanks
    My idea was for a report that could provide the information across multiple customers rather than having to go through each customer one at a time.
    That way I could stop doing work for those customers that take too long to pay.


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  • Julie Shepherd commented
    14 Aug, 2019 08:59am

    Hi, we do still have the Average Time to Pay in the Statistics section of the Customer Transactions page. If it isnt visible, you may need to click on the + sign to the right of the Statistics heading which will open up that section. Hope that helps.

  • Antony Straszewski commented
    17 Jul, 2019 03:41pm

    Would be good if report could run across al customersso you could see who the good and bad payers are. real issue for SMEs.