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Copying invoices ability to cancel

Why is it that it is not possible to 'copy' and invoice and then change your mind and cancel it? It always makes the invoice anyway. Please add a delete button or basically the ability to change your mind button after the invoice is copied before you hit save. So when the invoice is copied and the options are 'cancel' or 'save', perhaps a 'delete' button too? The cancel button should leave the invoice on screen but cancel the changes so that you can view it, then hit 'save' or 'delete' (don't copy at all afterall) according to what you want to do next. So, to sum up, two chances to change your mind. OR at least a warning that you have copied something. I have had multiple instances of this causing me a problem because I thought 'cancel' meant 'don't copy afterall'.

  • CEO
  • Apr 4 2019
  • Acknowledged
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