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Multi-user permission with Read / View Only user to certain clients only

I want our accountants to and other departments to great groups or atleast users with different permission 

A financial controller might want to give read only view access to his junior accountant to build reports or download invoices and send to clients requesting for payment

 sometimes some clients are big that i have to assign this client only to a client service manager who will be bale to not only sned quotes but also print invoices and send it to the clients he/she serves, i have 2 clients service agents who manage just 10 clients and i would like to give them access to these 10 client invoices and nothing else

we now use 2 people resources where we download each invoice by the senior management cos we cannot give access to other members simply becuase if the invoices are deleted or edited in erorr then its GONE !

 i really need a fix and been asking this over a year, with new tax policy coming in soon I will have no choice but to move to zoho , quickbooks or xero

i love simplicity of KF so i hope this is released before dec 2018

  • james brent
  • Oct 22 2018
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