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Creat a link between 'Customers' and 'Source Name'

At the moment we have to manually input a value to a 'cost of a sauce' name, whilst the 'value' section is calculated automatically. Can we not have both sides calculate automatically? So for example If i create source 1 as TV_adverts and source 2 as Radio_adverts. Then as I add suppliers, I link them (and all their subsequent purchases) directly to the relevant source. Purchases from TV company 'ABC' and TV company 'DEF' both link to Sauce 1. Similarly purchases from Radio company 'FM1' and radio Company 'FM2' link to sauce 2. This gives me a very quick and more importantly an accurate calculation of comparison cost vs income streams.

As customers come in I use the existing system to link them to the relevant sauce code. I then know in an instant the comparitive cost/value of each of my marketing strategies.

I can use the example above if a simple TV vs Radio is enough or I can use the same process to setup 4 sauces i.e. TV-ABC, TV-DEF, Radio-FM1 and Radio-FM2, each linked to their own relevant supplier/cutomer base if I need a more detailed spilt.

The problem with the current system is that where I don't have a regular spend with some customers, as purchases are created I have to remember to increase my sauce cost column. If I don't, that whole feature quickly beccomes meaningless. Implememting this suggestion means the whole thing calculates automatically.

  • Michael Smith
  • Mar 17 2018
  • Acknowledged
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