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Purchase Orders should be excluded from VAT returns and trial balances etc or at least a warning notice needs to be added for purchase order users

Currently PO's are being included in VAT returns (when on standard VAT) and also in trial balances etc. - they should not be included until the work/goods are received/completed and certainly without having a vat purchase invoice. There is currently no warning note to highlight this for purchase order users!

  • Terry Little
  • Mar 15 2018
  • Will not implement
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  • Neil Johnson commented
    26 Jan, 2019 01:33pm

    I agree terry - very misleading that the process is still detailed in the help sections. Was somewhat flummoxed that entries then appeared in the TB and VAT return. 

  • Terry Little commented
    15 Mar, 2018 11:32am

    As a minimum a warning notice should be included I would say.

  • Terry Little commented
    15 Mar, 2018 11:31am

    If Kashflow does not cater for purchase orders then all reference to the option should be taken out of the help section which reads as shows:-

    Purchase Orders

    What is a purchase order? A purchase order (abbreviated to PO) is a document that specifies the type, quantity and agreed price for products and services. It is issued from buyers to sellers and acts as confirmation of an order. Purchase orders are primarily used to control the purchasing of goods and services from external […]
    E-Mailing Purchase Orders

    These steps describe how to e-mail a purchase order within KashFlow

  • Natasha Chryssafi commented
    15 Mar, 2018 11:24am

    Hello - we don't have Purchase Orders.  KashFlow has Purchases, they aren't referenced as Purchase Order and don't behave in this way.