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Purchase Order - Option to make it a requirement to have a PO before saving

Quite simply - if we don't have a purchase order on an invoice, we don't get paid. 


My biggest killer of cashflow is when I've sent an invoice, it doesn't get paid, and when I chase it's because I forgot the PO.  Often, you can't just re-submit the invoice, it has to go through the waiting process again. 


Rarely will an organisation tell you the PO is missing,  they just sit on the invoice. 


To fix this, I would like add a tick box for "no PO required" next to the PO number box.

And make it a requirement to have a PO number, or a the box ticked for it to save.


Then if you've put in a PO number, the invoice saves fine. 

If you tick the box to say "no PO required", it saves fine.

If you haven't put in a PO or ticked the box, it won't save, and you have to go back and complete it.


Of course, you'd make this optional in the settings - so people who don't need POs don't have to tick the box every time 


This would really help my cashflow. 

  • Gavin
  • Nov 6 2019
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