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BUG not IDEA - Update reCAPTCHA where payment being taken by credit card


I  reported to Customer service that the reCaptach when customers pay with  (Stripe) credit card  is out of date and was informed that support "had not been told of plans to update it" 

My response is blunt -

 "you may not have been TOLD about plans to update it but would you please advise your dev team they are using an out of date captcha that *might* prevent YOUR customers receiving payments from THEIR customers - not a great idea and a matter of a few minutes to change it in your code.  This is not a feature its about whether this part of your site works or not.

 So how does my customer pay this?

Sorry to be somewhat terse but IMO this is another example of the site not having basics kept up to date.  KF are betting on users not moving due to the potentially high level of investment in terms of time needed to do so but I think there are better alternatives out there... and I'm looking. 


  • Christina Spencer
  • Feb 8 2018
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  • Christina Spencer commented
    21 Feb, 2018 03:34pm

    The Captcha has now been updated by KF (advised on 16 Feb) so this can now be marked "implemented"

  • Christina Spencer commented
    9 Feb, 2018 04:23pm

    Thanks Ben - the system being used by Kashflow looks like the same as I use on my own sites and is a standard google offering. I have indeed been to support and I understand it has now been forwarded to the dev team - I hope they update it by the time this version is fully unsupported - it should be only a 2 -or 3 line code adjustment to get up to date :-)


  • Ben commented
    8 Feb, 2018 07:59pm

    Hi Christina

    reCaptach and other technology is one of those that is 6 of one and half a dozen of the other... There are many different types of it to prove the person is human and not a robot/stop spam- a lot of companies have been going to a popup that merely asks "Are You A Human" with a tick box. The technology is problematic as a lot of people don't like faffing around typing the text in.

    I don't use the (Stripe) credit card option - however the screen shot you have shown clearly shows what the issue is - it is out of date - not only is this an issue with not receiving payments it may render issues with background coding leaving a issue for cyber crime/fraud.  It might be that the company that provide the reCaptach has changed there setup and not informed their customers - or it might be that their customers haven't taken notice of an update....


    I see you have contacted customer services but have you brought the image and issue to the attention of as it is an item that needs quick resolution - and with my experience so far of canvass its a little slow!