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Industry Sector - I have been advised to contact you today - as we have had an issue with a popup and apparently it relates to the industry sector 3 x fields - we didn't populate one as it didn't apply to our business, maybe you could pop a 'doesn't apply' into the criteria then we could click this and not get the pop up when switching accounts.. Massively helpful! 

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  • Feb 5 2018
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  • Ben commented
    8 Feb, 2018 08:04pm

    I had this issue and logged a idea but got the same response - I have requested support review this and come back with an answer - even customer service are scratching there heads saying its daft!


    Fix for the pop up that support performed for us was just selecting a random category beneath... we are a pet shop (being basic - we are specialists actually) but support had to render us a garden supply company!