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Dear Sirs,


I have been using your software for just under a year. So far it proved to be an easy tool, however it lacks some capabilities, something that I would like to bring to your attention.

We are electrical contractors and our aim is to go paperless in as much as possible, ideally in 100%. One of the old school tasks we still do is that we have a jobsheets which are handwritten. An ideal upgrade that we would like to see in your software would be ability to generate jobsheets within the program. Similar to what we can do at the moment with purchase orders. This will then create a pre-filled file showing job/quote number, description of works taken from quotation all ready to be signed by our customer on site.

We think this could be a relatively simple upgrade. This would make a big impact on us. At present there are other products like fleetmatic offering a lot more than just what I have brough to table. We don't think you would have to mirror the entire fleetmatic capability but just offer one or two additional features. By doing so, not only you will be able to retain customers like us but also gain others.


Looking forward to your replay

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  • Jan 25 2017
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