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Have the option to put an extra field above customer name on invoices for addressing invoices c/o the customer

We work for lots of management companies who like their invoices addressed to the landlord of the property we've worked on, c/o the management company. We need to categorise this work as being for the management company and not each individual landlord as it's the MCs who actually send us the works orders and pay us. It would be really useful if there was an option to have an extra field in the invoice address box for this. At the moment I have to create a new customer every time we work for a management company which makes our customer list long and messy. I'd rather categorise the work under the management companies we work for. We used to be able to do this easily on QuickBooks.
  • Anonymous
  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Amanda commented
    January 10, 2017 09:33

    We have to do the same for some of or Management companies. I got around the by leaving out the address of the MC in Line 1 of the address and started with Line 2, then when starting each new invoice i put the Landlords name in line . They have not moaned at this and we are getting paid.

    Hope that helps (or even makes sense)