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Make the WYSIWIG HTML editor for email templates optional

I understand and appreciate that most of the Kasflow users are not interested in fine tuning the HTML and CSS content of their email messages, and the quite basic visual editor for email templates is good enough for general use.

I also know that is possible to press an icon and go to a deeper level to edit the HTML code directly.

However, the standard behaviour of the applet when switching back to visual mode is to strip away, reformat and modify any HTML entered in the code editor, if it doesn't fit in the very limited set that's available in WYSIWYG mode.

If we enter HTML or CSS code in the code editor and save without switching back to the visual editor the code is saved as per our format. This means that Kashflow can save and make use of our custom code without a problem.

If we reopen the email template, when the code is reloaded in the visual editor, some of the HTML we wrote is stripped and / or modified to fit in the limited set the applet offers.

Can we please, please, please make this editor either:

- replaceable with a bare text editor where we enter HTML and CSS code that will be saved without being modified in any way, shape or form;

- remember / set up a parameter to decide which default mode the templates are open in the applet (visual or code) hoping that opening them directly in text/code mode won't tamper with the HTML;

- make the applet NOT to tamper with HTML and render what it can without altering the code when opened in visual mode.

This problem is seriously affecting the usability of your service and causing a lot of delays when we need to review our email templates.

Again, please consider leaving those that have enough knowledge to decide what should be the HTML code beyond their email templates.

Thank you.
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  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Jan 10, 2017

    Admin response

    Thank you for your feedback. I will speak with our development team about this section of the app and see what we can do. We are looking to change this area of the app under a new setup wizard that accommodates a new theme creator.
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  • Lindsay Smith commented
    23 May, 2023 10:56am

    OK, I didn't understand a word of what SBT guest said, but I suspect it mirrors my experience that emails sent from Kashflow are just basic text and don't reflect my business branding in the way that an email sent from my normal email (e.g. Outlook) does.

    More than 6 years ago, admin response was that you were going to have a new setup wizard to accommodate a new theme creator. That sounds promising. But here we are in May 2023 and my emails via Kashflow still look like they were written by my 80 year old mother on her phone.

  • Guest commented
    10 Jan, 2017 09:24am

    As far as the setup wizard and the theme creator is not restrictive and can leave experienced HTML codes to input their own code, please go ahead.

    Please keep in mind that some businesses have specific design guidelines that must be adhered to pretty tightly, including colour, clearance around logos, etc. and that we have a highly customized PDF template that works automatically hiding / changing sections of the template to adapt to the various types of documents we create with it, and their relative state.

    E.g. it's putting an "overdue" stamp on unpaid overdue invoices and showing our bank details, putting a "paid" stamp and hiding the bank details on paid invoices, no stamps but yes bank details on unpaid but not overdue invoices, hiding some stray columns on purchase orders... and much more, all with clever HTML and CSS.

    It's been hand crafted and honed to perfection, so we can't afford to lose it when you introduce the new theme creator.
    If you need any help to design it, I'd be happy to show you what we did.

    Thanks for considering my input.

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