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Option to discount individual line items on one invoice

We offer different levels of discounts on different products depending on terms with individual suppliers. It would be useful to offer product discounts as well as customer discounts. This is particularly important when supplying against a tender where discounts have been applied as part of the tendering process.
  • Ken Callaghan
  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Marianne Springham commented
    24 Nov, 2017 01:01pm

    we are having to manually work out product and service discounts and type them in the comments column on invoices, this is a complete pain and taking far too long. Am surprised Kashflow does not have this feature. 

  • Guest commented
    10 Jan, 2017 09:23am

    Agree, I'm finding the lack of flexibility when it comes to discounts a bit of a pain. I offer discounts based on each service and having to manually calculate how much to minus just so the discount can be show on an invoice defeats the point of having a system do the accounting for me and is no better than an excel spreadsheet (in fact it's worse because at least with excel I can create a formula that does this!). It would be better to be able to have a line that applies x% off the line before it without too much fuss and is shows as x% off.

  • Guest commented
    10 Jan, 2017 09:23am

    In addition to that it should be available for quotes too showing the client what kind of discount you are offering.

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